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About us

Quality & Service

About us

Quality & Service

For the health of the fish and your business success

On the basis of scientific research results and practical tests, our Aquafeed programme is being developed at the Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow. The use of state-of-the-art technology and concepts ensures high utilization rates and low feed losses. The entire feed programme follows two main focuses: the well-being of the fish and the economic success of our customers. This includes the protection of the environment for the benefit of animals and humans.




A core element of our company philosophy is the creation of custom-made receipts in small quantities and with personal advice. Our ideas arrive where they are needed. We combine a progressive feed program and reliable service into a strong performance package that offers the best conditions. With our national and international representatives, we are a part of the worldwide market. 



Aquafeed is an environment-friendly feed programme that protects the environment of the fish. For this we exchange with science and practice.


Product Quality

Our feed types fulfill all the requirements of the health on the fish health and the quality of the edible fish.



Fish farming must be profitable. We make a significant contribution to this with our efficient feed programme. 

Special feed from Beeskow

A facility with history, present and future

In 2016, the Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow celebrated its 40th anniversary. The acquired experience characterizes today’s Aquafeed programme and forms the basis for future developments. We know the market and are in constant dialogue with scientific institutions and companies in the field. On this basis, we address all challenges in a targeted manner. Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities, a competent team of employees and a reliable service, we are able to write a worldwide success story. Our guiding principle is as simple as it is significant: we produce the fish food with the most convincing results.

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