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Feed programme for fish farming


Feed Programme for fish farming

Versatile Quality

The Aquafeed programme is addressed to trout, carp and sturgeon breeders, but is equally suitable for other fish species like catfish, eel and salmon. The products of our programme are characterized by a high biological value, very good digestibility and an optimal sinking behavior. The excellent price / performance ratio combined with our personal advice make Aquafeed to a great chance of success for fish farms of all sizes. We are open to implement smaller batches too. 



All of our feed types are the result of years of research and development that we continue to drive forward. We are actively involved in shaping and advancing fish food to meet the expectations on environmental compatibility, fish welfare and quality of the edible fish. Our close cooperation with scientific institutes as well as the consideration of practical experiences are decisive factors for us. They are reflected in the quality of the Aquafeed fish food.


The use of high-quality fish meal forms the basis for the high value of protein digestibility. The optimal physical properties of the starch encourage the time of exposure in the digestive channel and increase the feed utilization. Through the slow increasing of the blood sugar level the occurrence of multiple diabetic conditions are prevented. 


The exclusive use of LT-fish meal as the source of raw protein guarantees the maximum of biological quality of the protein as well as the best amino acid sequence. The high digestible starch which influences the metabolism is limited to a minimum. The feed shows an optimal sinking behavior and is over 24 hours water stable.


The optimal energy distribution as well as the low carb content give a maximum growth with a very good utilisation of feed
and nutrition elements, high condition and good fish health. In addition, the environmental characteristics are very advantageous. Further information about the carp feed can be found in our free Catalogue. 

Catfish, salmon and eel

In addition to sturgeon, carp and trout, our feeds are also suitable for other fish species like catfish, salmon and eel. An overview of all uses and benefits of the Aquafeed types is offered in our free catalogue. For further questions please contact us directly.

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An overview of the Aquafeed types with all important information is available in our catalogue. The trilingual document in German, English, and Russian can be downloaded free and without obligation. For further questions you can contact us directly by phone, email or via our form.

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